National Park Spain

As we race into summer and the prospect of sunshine-soaked days to explore near home or further afield in the UK, hitting the road in a motorhome conjures an evocative picture for many.
With staycations all the rage, our Leave Work to Travel motorhoming trio reflect on the lessons - of which there are many - they learnt to help those about to take the plunge.
After swapping a caravan for a motorhome in August 2019, selling a business and setting off on a rollercoaster retirement road trip, Steve shares tips and traps to avoid. 

Sierra de Cazorla Mountains Spain

After a bumpy start in November 2019, when our Leave Work to Travel trio was robbed of our passports, money and credit cards we had two choices - give up or get going again.
Having been on the road for just 12 days when the disaster stopped us in our tracks, it would have been easy to go home - at that stage our house hadn’t been rented out.
Up for a challenge we opted to stick it out - never imagining the seismic changes Europe and the world were about to undergo within the next few months.

Rocky start to motorhome adventures

To say we encountered more than we bargained for - after waving Yorkshire goodbye on a bitter October night for a European motor home trip - is a wild understatement.

Fairly seasoned travellers by train, sea and air, aswell as many years of caravaning, motor homing was a new quest as we set sail for Calais in high spirits with an overexcited golden retriever.  

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