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Hi pawtners ....

I’m a mischievous, travelholic golden retriever with a passion for being immersed in sand, sea and mud - and the odd cow pat.

I’m in canine heaven exploring new smells and scenery on our motorhome adventures.


My explawations as a travelholic hit a new high when I visited the unfurgettable Hebridean Islands.
Here’s why I found Skye, North Uist and Lewis and Harris truly inspawational.

The captivating Isle of Skye will be in my heart furever. Famous for its castles and rugged landscape, it’s the biggest of the Inner Hebridean islands.

w Eagle Old man of StorrPawsome view: From the top of The Old Man of Storr.

It must have been the hottest day of the year when we climbed the Old Man of Storr - a gipawmous pinnacle of rock created by a massive landslide. The midges were having a field day and the hoomans sprayed themselves and me with their Smidge to keep them at bay - it didn’t work!

The ascent was pawticularly steep and slippery and I had to stay on my lead because of the sheep - but well worth the effort as the view from the top was spectacupaw!

The history of places I visit is impawtant and I learnt that heroine Flora Mcdonald helped Bonnie Prince Charlie escape by boat from Skye to France after the Jacobites were defeated by the British in the battle of Culloden in 1746.

  w OMS view 0342Clan legends and treasures: Dunvegan Castle.

Steeped in history and clan legends, famous landmarks include Dunvegan Castle.  Its amazing collection includes Jacobite and Bonnie Prince Charlie relics including the Prince’s waistcoat and a lock of his hair.

Around 10,000 people live on Skye which is 50 miles long and 25 miles wide - with pawgeous scenery round every corner.

w brack on seaweed Skye lsPawticularly beautiful: Loch Greshornish at night.

Our home for three nights stay was a campsite on the shore of stunning Loch Greshornish which is appawently teaming with fish called Pollock. The only bite I got was from the dreaded midges.     

Our next destination was a ferry to North Uist which reminded Sharon and Steve of the Caribbean (I have my own passpawt but not expawienced anywhere that far).

The island has Europe's largest breeding colony, with 9,000 seal pups born each year. Pawfect for birdwatchers, it also has some of the highest peaks on the Outer Hebrides.

w Bracken filter 0459My kind of pawardise: North Uist  

I stayed in the motorhome while the hoomans visited Uist Wool - a spinning mill and wool centre which is an inspiring community outreach pawserving cultural traditions. To be honest, I didn’t want anyone mistaking my fur coat for sheep wool as its pawsomely cold in Scotland and I need every strand to keep snug!    

w wool collage 3Pawserving cultural traditions: Uist Wool  

Another ferry trip and we were at the island of Lewis and Harris, the third biggest island in the British Isles.

I will never furget how I was nearly blown away at the Butt of Lewis with its sweeping views of the Atlantic where the lighthouse features in the Guinness Book of records for being the windiest in the UK.  

w BOL lighthouse 0551Blowing a pawverbial gale: the Butt of Lewis.  

The island’s ancient landscape includes the fascinating 5,000 year old Callanish stones which put the island’s sense of history into pawspective. I tried to leave my mark on them so I could leave my own scent for pawsperity but wasn’t allowed.

w calanish stones 40516Pawsome: the Callanish stones.


All my adventures are leaving me exhilarated totally expawsted so I’m going fur a big sleep before my next blog.

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