Our Dog Bracken Has a Few Words to Say

Hi pawtners ....

I’m a mischievous, travelholic golden retriever with a passion for being immersed in sand, sea and mud - and the odd cow pat.

I’m in canine heaven exploring new smells and scenery on our motorhome adventures.

As a travelholic who woofs beaches and mountains, I want to share with you why I’m in doggie heaven after week 1 of our motor home adventure in bonny Scotland.  


With pawgeous sweeping views across the Firth of Forth, Cramond was one of the most fortified ports in the British Empire. Most impawtantly, the beach smells and swimming were heavenly. 

Brackenstraveltails cramondStunning sunset: Cramond promenade.   

 Our next stop was the East Neuk of Fife with its picturesque seaside villages. We walked round the colourful harbour at Pittenween and along part of the coastal path but it was pawring down (it does that a lot in Scotland!) and my walk was cut short.  

I made up for the disapawntment on Kingsbarns beach further up the coast where we camped for the night. I was treated to delicious beeburger (my belated birthday present) while we watched the sunset with a glass of wine. I, of paws, had pawsecco.  

 Captivating coast: Kingsbarns beach Scotland Captivating coast: Kingsbarns beach.

Another highlight was visiting the legendary golf course at St Andrews where they stopped me from trying to chase balls on the Old Course. Appawrently very famous, it’s purpawted to be the oldest golf course in the world.

Brackenstraveltails outside St Andrews golf course - The home of golfHaving a ball: Pity we can't play fetch.

We then stayed in a field in a certified caravan and motorhome site where I flopped with expawstion after a long day.

 Brackenstraveltails relaxing by the motorhome in Scotland Enjoying some downtime.

As a keen traveller I woof the contrasts it brings - one night in a field - the next King of a castle in Glenshee where they played golf.  

I feel very pawvileged to be at Dalmunzie Castle and follow in the footsteps of Queen Victoria who woofed the peace and scenery. The castle is the mansion of a Laird (someone pawsomely rich who owns an estate) and was built in 1510.  

Brackenstraveltails at Dalmunzie castle Welcome to my modest abode: Dalmunzie Castle.

After becoming accustomed to the high life I was contemplawting changing my name to McBracken to reflect my new status. However, I came crashing down to earth the next night when we were back camping in a field.

Paws crossed, no disasters have beset us as we head for pastures new on our trip which will take us over 1,000 miles. Have a fabuwoof week furiends.    

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