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I’m a mischievous, travelholic golden retriever with a passion for being immersed in sand, sea and mud - and the odd cow pat.

I’m in canine heaven exploring new smells and scenery on our motorhome adventures.

Jaw-dropping Ronda's historic Gorge

It was a sleepy sunshine Sunday and I wasn’t pawticularly in the mood for yet more sightseeing.

“You’ll love Ronda, it’s inspawational” they said. I hate to admit it - but they were right.  

In truth I’d been reluctant to leave our pawgeous campsite on the beach at Marbella – swimming and rolling in the sand to my heart’s content.

The pawrents were very excited because Ronda in Andalucia is a spectacular location and one of the last Moorish bastions.

Kaw dropping Ronda ancient gorge in Andalucía, SpainRonda Gorge from the bridge


A mile-walk downhill from the campsite and we came to a village square, just below the ramparts. The pawrents had to stop for coffee (what is this strange hooman habit?!) - and I had water.

Appawently, Ronda is the third most visited place in Spain. I wondered why, as all I could see was an old castle. Ten minutes later we were standing on a bridge with a 100 metre drop to the stream and they got extremely worried when I put my paws up to have a good look.

Brackenstraveltails Ronda top of bridge above the famous gorgeEpawmous drop down the El Tajo gorge.

Water - yeah - but how to get down there?

The town got busier and hotter with coach loads of hoomans on a Sunday outing. I found out another reason its famous when we got to the bullring - the birthplace of bullfighting with the world’s largest arena.

“Just sit there,” Steve said. I bit my tongue and wanted to bark back “Very funny and Ole to you”, as he had me pose in front of the matador statue (cheesy or what?!).

Brackenstraveltails outside Ronda's famous bullringTotally unimpawressed: Yours truly outside the bullring.

I was not allowed into the bullring and, fed up of being traipsed round the heaving town, it was time to find the source of the water and see the Puente Nuevo new bridge which divides Ronda.

We kept descending, surely we’ll get to the stream soon? Down, down, down we went – don’t they realise that they have to go pup, pup, pup? We didn’t quite get to the stream, but Sharon did her video (I managed to sit still and not ruin this one!) and Steve took hundreds of photos.

Brackenstraveltails at the foot of Ronda's old bridge in the gorgeThe 18th Century "new" bridge at Ronda

The views were impressive and the crisp air up in the mountains was pawfect, not too hot, clean and fresh.

A leisurely walk back to the camp site after a late lunch (didn’t get a sniff) and we did more photos as the sun set over the gorge and the beautiful white towns called ‘pueblos blancos’.

Brackenstraveltails at the end of a long day Ronda's sunsetPawgeous sunset after a pawfect day.

All in all a magical expawdition!

Impawtent Facts

Visit Andalucia

Camping El Sur – 1.5 kilometres from Ronda (check availability re Covid-19 restrictions)


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