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Hi pawtners ....

I’m a mischievous, travelholic golden retriever with a passion for being immersed in sand, sea and mud - and the odd cow pat.

I’m in canine heaven exploring new smells and scenery on our motorhome adventures.

Musical extravaganza with Carnival singers of Cadiz

The excitement levels were getting out of hound as we entered the historic Spanish seaport of Cadiz in anticipation of the biggest Carnival on mainland Spain.

We’d driven in our motorhome from Jerez where the pawrents had been sampling the famous sherry (how pawring is that for me?) - so I was defurnitely up fur a bit of fun.

 checkin out the viewPawgeous: Motorhome View over the Atlantic Ocean.

 Home for the next four nights was a car park right on the seafront in the old city overlooking the Atlantic Ocean - the lookout was pawsome!

We explawed the town for a couple of days before the carnival got underway. There were lots of different new smells as we wandered through the narrow Moorish streets.

Cadiz cathedralCadiz cathedral

One pawticular memory that stands out is a man with shaggy white hair singing Leonard Cohen’s ‘Hallejulah’ in front of the magnificent 18th century cathedral. It touched Sharon so deeply - she burst into an outpaw of tears (aren’t humans strange?). I hope you’ll furgive me saying this, but I was a bit embarrassed.  

SingerStriking the right chord.      

Steeped in history, Cadiz is a port where Christopher Columbus set off from on his second voyage to the Americas. I was also searching for new adventures and looking furward to my favourite pawstime - a swim.

bracken swimmingMaking a splawsh.

My worries at not stopping at the beach were unfounded as we walked out along the breakwater to the Castillo de San Sebastian. The castle is a reminder of the turbulent history from the times of the city founder Hercules, the British attacks - and its sacking by Sir Francis Drake in 1587.

PoetDying to see the Carnival: the late Poet Carlos Edmundo de Ory.

Locals and visitors flocked from far and wide for the pride of the city. The heady atmosphere was so tempting that the late depawted poet Carlos Edmundo de Ory who’d been standing round since 2010 even left his statute plinth to join in!

 Sunset 2Fabupaws sunsets

 A spectacle of singing and dancing as the streets came alive, I woofed the colourful costumes and the buzz as the carnival got into full swing - the monkey was my favourite!

What a fabuwoof turnout for one of Europe’s largest and most colourful carnivals with a feast of whining and dining as every day ended with a spectacular sunset.  

What a pawty it was!       

Cadiz collage960x600Colourful extravaganza.

 Impaw-tent Facts  

The Carnival of Cadiz

Visit Andalucia

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