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Hi pawtners ....

I’m a mischievous, travelholic golden retriever with a passion for being immersed in sand, sea and mud - and the odd cow pat.

I’m in canine heaven exploring new smells and scenery on our motorhome adventures.

Canine capers at Marbella beach

Warming up after a chilly swim in the river Tyne (minus the fog!) got me contemplawting the endless stretch of beautiful beaches in sunny Marbella - my Mediterranean pawadise.

Camping Marbella beach campsite, was just 3 minutes from the beach and our motorhome under the trees was among caravans and permanent homes for long-stayers.

Cookie, colourful and higgly piggly, it was difurent than anywhere else we’d been.

Bracken with big stickCanine Heaven: Very Pawowd of my Big Stick!  

Every other day, we went running, I was off the lead and in and out of the water though I had to be careful of the fishermen and their lines. Each time we went further and one day we came across the nudist beach – well I didn’t know where to look! – a real sight fur sore eyes.

fishing lines Marbella beach 600x400Catch of the day

One day we turned right and walked for miles - almost to Marbella. The guys kept stopping for refreshments and I got loads of water from waiters and waitresses. I spent a lot of time surfin’ in the waves.

Bracken and Steve having epawmous funLRMaking a splawsh: Me and Steve having epawmous fun!

When the boss flew to England for three days, Steve and I had a shopping expawdition, walking our hind legs off - I’m sure he was totally lost! Try as I mutt, I couldn’t get him back to the beach. Loaded down with provisions, we finally returned to our site along the sand - well it was the leashed he could do!

surfin lsSurfin' days 

One night, after a long run and swim, I was pooped and happy to sleep as the folks dressed up fur dinner - what a transformation. They went to Le Papillon Restaurante and Beach Club where Steve and I had sat and watched the sun set, and they looked pawticularly pawgeaous.

dip at sunset Marbellav600x400Sensational sunsets dip at sunset

What a supaw time - on a gloomy day I paws and reflect on my pawfect stay.

 Sharon and bracken ls 600x400Magical memories


Im-paw-tent facts

Camping Marbella Beach - check latest information re Covid-19.

Le Papillon Restaurante and Beach Club  - check latest information re Covid-19.

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