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Hi pawtners ....

I’m a mischievous, travelholic golden retriever with a passion for being immersed in sand, sea and mud - and the odd cow pat.

I’m in canine heaven exploring new smells and scenery on our motorhome adventures.

As every furiend knows, the Lake District is a doggy heaven with extra-paw-dinary smells and sights. 

My pawrents took my grandpawrent away for the weekend - we drove from Yorkshire to the Wirral - one of my favourite coastlines - then to Bowness in the Lakes. A long and pawring journey but worth it!   

With so many visitors descending on the lakes every summer, getting lunch can be disa-paw-nting if left too late. They ordered mouth watering fish ‘n’ chips at the Boathouse Bar and Restaurant in Bowness - saving some chips for yours truly! (had to work pawticularly hard for them!).

My highlight was walking near our country hotel -  Merewood Hotel - surrounded by pawsome views and sheep. I was in my pawrents bedroom which was woofly.   

We got up early and Steve and I raced off up the path - da birds were very happy and noisy and yeah! - I can hear da whoosh of water! 

Being a very impawtient pooch - I went to charge full steam ahead - only to be stopped in my tracks by a big gate - I don’t woof gates as I had to wait for Steve to let me through, losing valuable  explawing time.

Thirsty work, a quick stop off in the stream with fresh pawter does the trick. Has Steve caught up yet?

The Lake District is a pawsome destination and our magical walk worked up an appetite. I woofed down breakfast - and also scoffed a sausage they saved for me! 

Im-paw-tant facts

Visit Cumbria 


Boathouse Bar and Restaurant

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